Top Punjabi Singers 2024


1. Sidhu Moose Wala

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  • Sidhu Moose Wala, born Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, is an Indian rapper and singer who has left an indelible mark on the Punjabi music scene. His powerful lyrics and distinctive style have made him a trailblazer. Let’s dive deeper into his musical journey:
    • Notable Tracks:
      • “So High”: This breakout hit catapulted Sidhu Moose Wala to fame. Its catchy beats and relatable lyrics resonated with listeners worldwide.
      • “Just Listen”: Another chart-topper that showcased his lyrical prowess.
    • Albums:
      • “PBX1”: Released in 2018, this album featured collaborations with other artists and solidified his position as a rising star.
      • “Moosetape”: His latest album, released in 2021, received critical acclaim for its raw authenticity.

2. Diljit Dosanjh

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Diljit Dosanjh is a multifaceted artist—singer, actor, and songwriter. His soulful voice and charismatic screen presence have won hearts worldwide. Let’s explore his musical journey:

    • Notable Tracks:
      • “Do You Know”: A romantic ballad that became an anthem for lovebirds.
      • “Laembadgini”: A foot-tapping track that showcased his versatility.
    • Movies:
      • “Udta Punjab”: His Bollywood debut film, where he portrayed a police officer.
      • “Angrej”: A Punjabi film that highlighted his acting skills.

3. Babbu Maan

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Babbu Maan, born Tejinder Singh Maan, is a singer, actor, and film producer. His soul-stirring lyrics and powerful voice resonate with fans. Let’s delve into his musical legacy:

    • Notable Tracks:
      • “Mitran Di Chatri”: A timeless Punjabi classic that celebrates friendship.
      • “Telefoon”: A soulful track that tugs at the heartstrings.
    • Albums:
      • “Pyaas”: An album that showcased his poetic depth and emotional range.
      • “Judaa 2”: A sequel to his successful album “Judaa,” it continued to captivate audiences.

4. Amrinder Gill

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Amrinder Gill is a singer, songwriter, and actor. His melodious voice and heartfelt songs have touched millions. Let’s explore his musical journey:

    • Notable Tracks:
      • “Yaarian”: A soulful song about friendship and loyalty.
      • “Dildarian”: A heartwarming track that celebrates love.
    • Movies:
      • “Angrej”: A critically acclaimed Punjabi film where he played the lead role.
      • “Lahoriye”: Another hit film that showcased his acting prowess.

5. Karan Aujla

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Karan Aujla is a rising star known for his hard-hitting lyrics and raw energy. His collaborations with Sidhu Moose Wala and other artists have made him a force to reckon with in the Punjabi music industry. Let’s explore his journey:

    • Notable Tracks:
      • “Don’t Look”: A gritty track that showcases his lyrical prowess.
      • “Hint”: An infectious song that became an instant hit.

6. Shubh

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Shubh, also known as Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, is an Indo-Canadian artist who has made waves in the Punjabi music industry. His journey is a testament to talent and dedication:

  • Early Beginnings:
    • Born on August 10, 1997, in Punjab, India, Shubh moved to Brampton, Canada, where his musical aspirations took flight.
    • He started by posting songs on social media platforms, gradually gaining recognition.
  • Breakthrough Tracks:
    • “We Rollin”: In 2021, Shubh rose to prominence with this single. Its infectious beats and relatable lyrics struck a chord with listeners.
    • Debut Album “Still Rollin”: Released in 2023, this album showcased his versatility and creativity

that became an instant hit.

7. Sharry Maan

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Sharry Maan, born Surinder Singh Mann, is a prolific singer, lyricist, and actor hailing from Mohali, India. Let’s explore his musical journey:

  • Notable Tracks:
    • “Yaar Anmulle”: Released in 2011, this song became an anthem for friendship and camaraderie.
    • “3 Peg”: A chart-topper with over 750 million views on YouTube, showcasing Sharry’s signature style.

8. Garry Sandhu

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Garry Sandhu, born Gurmukh Singh Sandhu, is an Indo-Canadian sensation known for his soulful voice and impactful lyrics:

  • Musical Odyssey:
    • Originally arriving in the UK on a study visa, Garry worked as a construction worker before pursuing music.
    • His debut track “Main Ni Peenda” (2010) marked the beginning of his musical journey.
  • Notable Tracks:
    • “Illegal Weapon”: A collaboration with Jasmine Sandlas that became a global hit. Its fusion of Punjabi beats and contemporary sounds resonated with audiences.
    • “Yeah Baby”: An infectious track that dominated charts and playlists.

9. AP Dhillon

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AP Dhillon, born Amritpal Singh Dhillon, is an Indo-Canadian singer, rapper, and record producer associated with Punjabi music. His journey is a fusion of talent, beats, and cultural influences:

  • Early Life and Education:
    • Born on January 10, 1993, in Mullianwal, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, AP Dhillon later moved to Victoria, BC, Canada.
    • He pursued a degree in Civil Engineering and a Diploma in Business Administration before diving into music.
  • Chart-Topping Singles:
    • “Majhail”: Collaborating with Gurinder Gill and Manni Sandhu, this track topped both the UK Asian and Punjabi charts.
    • “Brown Munde”: Featuring Nav, Sidhu Moose Wala, and others, this song reached the pinnacle of success.

10. Arjan Dhillon

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  • Arjan Dhillon, a talented singer and lyricist, has left an indelible mark:
    • Early Days:
      • Born and raised in Bhadaur, Punjab, Arjan started writing songs during his school days.
      • His career took off as a lyricist in 2017, contributing to tracks for various artists.
    • Musical Breakthrough:
      • “Bai Bai”: His single in 2020 garnered attention for its catchy beats and relatable lyrics.
      • “My Fellas”: Another hit that showcased his lyrical prowess.
    • Debut EP and Studio Album:
      • “The Future”: Released in 2020, this EP featured six tracks, each reflecting his unique style.
      • “Awara”: His debut studio album (2021) solidified his position in the industry.

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